AIDS!  ATTENTION!  PREVENTION! FPR TEEN, PARENTS, AND TEACHERS. This video will  help everyone plan for prevention.
This video brings a lively, informative, urgent and highly successful presentaion on the transmission and prevention of HIV disease to every home in the United States.  In a language everyone can understand, this presentation has been in hot demand in schools, universities, teen groups and parent groups.  Parents do you feel comfortable talking to your children about AIDS?  Have you had that talk yet?
This video for the family will open the lines of communication. Teens do you know how to protect yourself from AIDS?
Are you getting information from you friends? Watch this video, it could save your life.  Appropriate for 8th grade and above.
Some topics covered are: What does AIDS stand for? What does HIV stand for?  How are they both related?
How are HIV and AIDS transmitted? How can we prevent the world wide spread of AIDS?
Approx. 60 minutes.